How To Design Your Malaysian Company Profile To Cover The Basics

Having your company profile designed by a professional is something that should be considered if you really want a striking profile that gets read often, but for most websites the company profile is an afterthought, meant to fill a few required pages to appease the search engines.  There are some essential elements that should be included, whether you do it yourself or have it done by the pros, let’s go over some of those important factors now.

A Well Designed Company Profile Should Include This Information

When starting out with an outline of the company profile you should include most of these topics if you can.  There should be some history of your company, the purpose of your organization, the goals your company hopes to achieve, and how you hope to provide your services to the customers.  If that sounds daunting already, keep in mind that there are companies such as Company Profile Design Malaysia that can handle the whole process for you.

Start With An Introduction That Covers Some Basic Facts

A quick statement can cover some of the basics like:  “With just five years since startup, and nearly $3 million in sales already, XYZ Corp has taken the organic pet food world by storm.” You can see that sample company profilealready the length of time in business, the amounts of sales, name of the company, region of coverage and main type of product are all covered.  This is a quickly written example, but gives a good idea of what a professional might write.

There Are Many Starter Phrases That Can Be Used

When designing your company profile there are a number of catch phrases that come in handy, here are a few:  “A major provider of _____ in the North American Continent XYZ hasů..”  Or  “Recently recognized in ZZ Co Magazine as the leading style maker to the xyz industry ____ has been highly successful inů..”  If you need some ideas read through some high caliber online profiles and borrow some ideas from them, don’t copy exactly, but parts of different profiles added into one will get you started in the right direction.

Summarize The Products You Carry

You’ll also want to briefly summarize the main product lines that you carry, not in fine detail though, just enough so the readers and search engines have an idea of what’s available.  Many times these profiles end up displayed on the first page of Google for different search terms and you don’t want to waste the space on too much detail, it’s better to cast a wide net and those who are interested can click through to your site.

A Well Designed Company Profile Will Have Contact Information

In addition to the location of your company, it’s also worthwhile to have contact information so that someone needing billing, sales info, CEO name, or delivery schedules can quickly find what they need by clicking the appropriate link and be taken directly there.

Designing your own company profile can be done if you take the time to study what should be included, draw up a good outline, then fill in the blanks.  If you run into difficulty  you can always take your outline to a professional company profile designer and have it done for you.

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