Overview Of The Paradox Alarm System

The Paradox alarm system has been designed as a piece of hardware that is easy to use and very dependable.  It is known for being a very innovatiRing the Alarmve alarm system that includes first-rate intrusion detection.  The manufacturer of this alarm system holds several different security patents.  In addition, the Paradox alarm is the very first alarm system that utilizes IP reporting.  Overall, this product is very forward thinking, and could potentially change the overall alarm system landscape moving forward into the future.

A variety of various intrusion detection technologies are used by the Paradox.  These include sensors, system controllers, keypads and other types of accessories.  A wide range of possible intrusion scenarios are covered, in addition to offering the user plenty of options.  It can be used in large commercial buildings as well as small residential homes.  The system has a modular design, which means the size of it can be expanded to suit buildings of all sizes.

The alarm system controller is the Paradox alarm system’s main component.  It stores all passwords, user IDs and programming.  The control’s keypad enables homeowners, building staff or residents to gain entry.  If any unauthorized entry takes place, panic alarms are triggered.  In addition, sensors can be placed to tell if any of the property’s glass is broken.  The system is very efficient and sends reports to any monitoring station that it is associated with, including the system owner’s mobile device.

Despite the well round design and its effectiveness, the Paradox is security alarmnot the market’s best known alarm system.  However, the brand is becoming increasingly more established over time.  It is currently sold in more than 20 marketplaces all over the world.  The alarm system comes from Canada.  All of the product’s aspects are done right in Canada, from the concept to the design to all of the manufacturing.  It is fast becoming one of the most desired exports from that country, in addition to being one of the most respected alarm systems.

In addition to all of the benefits that the Paradox system offers, it has also become well known for its affordability as well.  A majority of alarm systems have a base cost in addition to some extra charges like installation costs, monthly package service fees and maintenance fees.  However, the Paradox with its modular design offers a lot of variety for home alarm system Malaysia, especially at its price range.  You can even opt out of several of the features if a business or home owner feels they are not needed.

Some people wonder how compatible the Paradox alarm system might be with others that have been installed already.  The system’s alarm controllers and keypads have been designed with special encryption signals and algorithms, so each of the Paradox system components must be made by the manufacturer.  You willalarm have to entirely replace an existing system.  However, with the overwhelmingly positive reviews, it should be worth the hassle.

With its modular design and both wireless and wired security options, the Paradox is among the most highly respected alarm systems available today.  Compared to most other systems, they are very affordable and easy to install.  So if you are looking to purchase a new security system, the Paradox would make a great choice.

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