Preschool Education in Malaysia

Looking for a preschool in Malaysia may seem daunting especially if you are new to the country. It is essential that you do your research first before you make a decision in sending your child to a specific school that is worth your money and aids your child’s academic future. Preschool starts generally under the age 5 years old. In comparison with Day Care Centers, preschool is more into allowing your child to learn new things each day. For example, learning the ABC’s and counting numbers while Day Care centers are where your child is still learning but it is more of a play group.

In other words, starting your child with preschool is giving him a chance for a full formal education that also provides child care. Your child will experience things such as the following;

1. Social skills- engaging to other people develops your child’s self-esteem. If you believe that your child is an introvert, enrolling your child to a preschool education can be of great help. The development of social skills leads to a better future as they grow older. This also includes being part of a group and interacting with other children of the same age (4)

2. Educational skills- learning is very important. it gives you the peace of mind that your child will gain insights from what he or she has learned in school. With education, it can also develop skills that can be applied in life. It gives you the assurance that your child will grow to be a better individual. The thought process of the child is also developing through being educated by professionals.

3. Communication skills- through communication, your child will be able to speak fluently especially in communicating with other foreigners. If this is developed, there are no means for your child to stop reaching his dreams as well.

4. Classroom skills- the classroom is where everything is taught by a particular teacher. The learning must be carried out by the teacher and should make sure that the classroom is conducive for learning and growth. This is also where your child will learn about following rules and instructions. Through the application of the classroom skills, your child will also develop good manners and etiquette because of the rules that have been set up. download (6)

Formal education brings about not only play but also activities that involve reading, writing, art lessons, film and other activities that are conducted by the school. There are some preschools that have adopted the method that’s been specialized by Montessori and a few of the pedagogy. in Malaysia, there are two different types of institutions: preschool that depend on the age of the child such as for Daycare centers with ages below 5 years old and a Montessori school that is for those above 5 years.